No Way Out

His hand touched my arched
back, a snake wrapping around
the crucifixion of daylight, for the night
is young, fresh blood will dry.
The branches were higher than
my chest, my small body was stuck
in the maze of dread, and
I, the pawn in their game of chess.
A golden bow flew across the
darkened skies, the only shining
memory of my misfortunes and
regrets. The hand grabbed the back of
my weighty neck, turning me full circle,
so that our noses touched. Scars appeared
on the side of its face, a fighter in a past
life with broken bones, and the memories
were gone. I walked away from the thing
and attempted to escape, I broke the chains,
I climbed the branches, falling to my
knees, I hit my head on the glass,
covered with human fingerprints. I looked
through the glass to see the other side,
I only saw the giants watching in, realising
that I was stuck inside the television.


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