Poets! This is a great opportunity! – Submissions

Hi guys!


I tried out something new this week – I’ve been submitting articles! I enjoy writing and can talk for England (kinda ironic as I’m from England/Great Britain!). I’ve had an acceptance from The Anthologia and I’ve recently had my poetry published in their cool magazine/journal. I’m excited to share it with you all sometime next month. If you’re a poet like me and can write even a short poem, doesn’t necessarily have to be long, or an article on the following theme, submit to them at  anthologiasubmissions@outlook.com

Or search for their twitter handle @theanthologia for other info and for a link to their website (in the twitter bio).

The theme is on gentrification (yep, I had no idea what that meant but in a nutshell, it’s about buildings and the renovation of them. Google might give better and more grounded definitions but I kinda like my simple, blunt definition!). So think of old and new buildings or buildings that have been renovated either locally, nationally or whatever that takes your fancy! Plus, their turn around is usually within a day or even a few hours. Even more reason to submit! Just add contact details e.g. Name/email/bio and attach your piece in a Word Doc. Plus, its another magazine to add in your biography and if you haven’t published any poetry as such, then why not write a few stanzas and submit?

I’m not involved with the magazine submission process at all but needless to say, I’m always thankful for my acceptances from any literary magazines and this is my way of being thankful and spreading the word for this magazine that needs submissions by you!

Go on, give it a go. I dare ya! Wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of your time! Let me know if you do.

Also, if any magazines want me to submit to their magazines, contact zoepoetrycontact@gmail or if any magazines or journals are looking for staff poetry readers/editors then again, send a message to my email!


Until next time,


Zoe. X


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