BLOG: Is this a bad idea?

Hi guys!

Hope you are all having a brill day. It’s a rainy day in England but my mood has not been dampened by the rain!

I’m currently working hard on my final university pieces of work (and then I’ll have finished and will venture into the big, wide world!).

I have an idea for this blog. I set out a poll AGES ago and I asked what you would like to see more of on this blog. Vlogging was an option that 40% of you wanted to see. Now, I’m the sort to make your dream happen. I’m thinking of vlogging here and there. Not on a set day every week. Maybe here and there (spontaneously so that you’ll be surprised when or if this actually happens!) so that I get to have a chat with you all.

Is this a bad idea? I’ll probably chicken out (knowing me…) although I’m going to at least try make short vlogs – not long ones that go on – but ones that can last up to a minute or two.

Let me know your thoughts!

Zoe. X


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