BLOG UPDATE: Today, I challenged my poetry.

The last two poems that I have posted really challenged my poetry writing skills because they are the things that we don’t talk about enough. Or are too shy to talk about. Or embarrassed.

I feel like there is a lot of corruption going on, and it has been going on since the world began. I’m sure even dinosaurs had their corrupt days. (That was a joke). And regarding the period pain poem – the poem says it all! It’s about inequality stigmatised toward our own bodies when inequality shouldn’t even be there. I’m sure ALL of you (men and women reading this, and who have taken the time to read the poem) will ALL agree that I have a point here.

I know my poetry may seem “in your face” at times, particularly at times when I’m hormonal, funnily enough. I apologise if it is not to your liking, some poems might be hit and miss to you, but that’s ok. As writers, we cannot and do not share the same opinion. It’s all about perception. But I want you to know that I am also challenging myself by approaching some issues or themes that are not being addressed enough. As much as I enjoy writing poems of all sorts – nature, romance, urban, adventure, you name it, I write it – I am trying to think of other types of poems to open up what we can talk about as writers.

On another note, I hope you have all had a wonderful day!

Zoe. X


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