Who doesn’t like to nap?

I’m a nap-a-holic when I’m able to get some sleep in my busy life!

The only thing about napping is that you do tend to wake up and look at the time and think “What the f*ck? It was only 4 o’clock ten minutes ago” yet two hours seem to have passed by.

I’ve also tried napping on a plane and whilst travelling but I sometimes find it hard to doze off. If you’re like me, sometimes you can get disturbed by ANY noise (sensitive ears, might as well just be a real-life guard dog as I hear everything!) and you eventually become a grumpy napper – new word, let’s roll with it – in the process!

So, I came up with a great and affordable solution.

The “F*CK OFF” eye mask. Yep, it’s a thing. Must’ve been some grumpy sleep-deprived napper who thought of this genius idea. And I have to say, it gets the message across very well. (Kudos to the creator.)


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