This will be the most controversial blog post that you’ll read today…

I’m not sure how to start this controversy. There’s no simple way of putting it.

In this house, tomato sauce/ketchup goes into the cupboard. Not the fridge.

*Awkward silence for those who put their ketchups in the fridge*

Look, I did tell you. It’s controversial. It’s more controversial than many things going on in the world right now. Everyone has their own ketchup ways.

I mean, some people even mix up ketchup with mayonnaise. I have been guilty of this. I like to think of that time as an innovative idea – a trendsetting spectacle.

I recently saw an article about this absolute chaotic battle of cupboard vs. fridge. What’s the right or wrong way? I mean, is there any right or wrong way of where the ketchup goes?

If this has caused offence, then please send your condolences to the ketchup society at

I guess you could say that I’ve just opened a can of tomatoes…


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