My fat suitcase

And after packing a whole drawer full
of clothes inside my suitcase only
24 hours before, I sat down into seat
7A on the plane. The suitcase ended up
resembling a bloated stomach that could
not quite relieve the indigestion. Instead,
it held its breath with a mouthful
of cotton and every other material
you could imagine until the pilot
announced “You have arrived at your

(NOTE: I’m sure most of you have had to deal with a fat suitcase when you’re off on your travels – whether you’re going away for a week or two by the beach, or simply planning a trip that lasts a few weeks. Mine just likes to let out its inner fatness a little extra… Do not ever tell me that pulling a suitcase in an airport is stylish. Nope. Not when I go away. I look like a mouse trying to pull the weight of a donkey. Not so stylish!)


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