Ok, so firstly, let me tell you that I am writing this post on my iPhone so I have no idea what formatting it will appear as. It could look like a jumbled up mess!

I have passed my second year of uni. Woohoo! I am over the moon to say that. English is a challenging subject and believe me, it challenged me last year. I enjoy it, though. One more year left! How time flies.

In my free time during the year, I have been submitting online to various magazines or journals or general online zines. I have never experienced so many rejections in my life! The submission process is extremely tough. But it’s worth it once you get an acceptance. It makes you work harder. So far, I have had my poetry published in The Poeteer: A 21st Century Publication, Midnight Circus literary magazine, Indiana Voice Journal, a MonsterZine, Les Reves Des Notre Ours online journal, and I have forthcoming publications in an anthology about social injustice and another online zine. Let me just say, the likelihood of rejection is high. To me, it’s second nature to expect a rejection. Once you see your work published either online or digitally, it’s a great feeling and definitely worth trying out. Don’t be disheartened or feel your work isn’t good enough because it usually depends from magazine to magazine, editor to editor, and their own personal style of writing that they search for. It doesn’t mean your work is crap. Although, looking back, some of my rejected poetry definitely needed an extra edit or two. I learnt by it. But this is what progress I have made in the past few months (since April!). I’m so excited to tell you all about it. And I suggest you all try out submitting your poetry, flash fiction, non-fiction, novellas, stories and art to different destinations.

Just don’t give up and believe in your writing. Also, take tips from the kind editors that rip your work to shreds in their feedback. No sarcasm. It actually helps having someone review your work so meticulously!

Best of luck. This is a bit of a long-winded post, isn’t it? Writing fever, I tell you. I hope you are having an amazing summer whether that’s going on holiday, going to awesome concerts, or chilling out in the sun with an ice cream (I did this one today. I confess to you that I have yet to try Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Am I missing out?!).

Keep in touch fellow writing bloggers! Drop a message by.

Lots of love, Zoe. X


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