So I haven’t posted a blog over the past few days but I’ll let you know what I have been up to.

I haven’t been insanely busy but I did make a couple of trips to town to get some new summery clothes for when the weather decides to heat up. I got two kimonos, some tops and just small bits and bobs.

I watched a TV programme called “Worlds Most Extreme Runways” and if you haven’t seen it, it’s shocking… and has made me conclude that I NEVER want to fly to any of those airports in my life!

Other than that, I have been cooking quite a lot. I don’t cook difficult things, just the normal dishes such as fish and chips and sausage casserole. The casserole I made today was great. I wish I could make a portion for you all… but sadly I can’t (so I’ll eat your portion for you haha!).

I’m going to round the blog up now by saying that I hope you all had a great week. Do let me know what you have been up to, what you like to cook or any general comments you may have!

Have a great weekend!

Zoe 🙂


9 thoughts on “BLOG TIME!

  1. Really want some casserole right now! Share a photo of it with us 🙂 I started watching the “World’s Most Extreme Runways” programme but changed the channel after the second runway! Don’t want to get a fear of flying anytime soon, haha. Love your blog! Your poetry shows true talent. Stick at it. ❤
    -Rosa xo


    1. Ah, I forgot to take a snap of it! I’ll take a picture next time I make it 🙂 I definitely agree! The runways were so scary. Thank you very much! I wish you all the best for your blog too 🙂 I sure will. x


  2. I am not a cook. If the instructions do not start out with “Remove plastic from packaging before microwaving” then I am out of my depth. I have tried cooking and failed miserably.

    Have a good weekend too.


    1. Well, to be honest, I’m sometimes the same because often I just don’t have the time to cook a full blown meal! So I am not judging you on that one at all since I, too, do the same at times haha. You too!


    1. Don’t worry, I microwaved a galaxy bar when I was younger and a flame scorched it. Forgot to take the wrapper off. (I was about 13… I should’ve known haha) and you too!!


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