The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

Apparently I have been nominated for another award from the lovely for the The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! This is now my second award and I am so grateful for all of your “follows”, “likes” and “comments”. Honestly, I never thought the blog would reach out to so many in such a short amount of time or that anyone would check out my blog. I feel overwhelmed but in a good way!

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I have to answer the 10 questions that has requested from the bloggers she has nominated herself. Don’t forget to check out her blog!

1) If there is any place in the world that you could go, where would it be and why?
I would probably go to New York to see what it’s like. It’s one of the most iconic places in the world so to visit it to experience the atmosphere would be surreal. I’d also like to travel to Rome.

2)What’s your family like?
My family is the best. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, however, I do have a pet cat who is part of the family.

3)If you came across a genie who offered to make three of your wishes come true, what would those wishes be??
To lead a happy life of doing the things I love. To let my family be happy and healthy (and live forever!). To succeed in my career but to be happy at the same time.

4)Have you ever cried at a movie? If yes, what movie?
I have cried at many movies. I haven’t watched any movies lately, I watched them all so long ago. I remember crying at The Green Mile, Transformers 2 (don’t laugh) and Impossible though.

5)What is one thing you wish you could undo from your past?
I would probably change how trusting I was. Other than that, no regrets.

6)What is your biggest fear?
My biggest fears are rollercoasters, clowns, sharks and snakes.

7)Who has influenced you most in your life?
My parents have influenced me the most in my life, as well as my grandparents. I owe my parents a lot!

8)What is one career you would love to enter?
Hopefully, I will one day go into teaching or law after graduating. They are careers I’d like to enter.

9)What is the one thing you want to experience before you die?
More travel experiences!!

10)What is your ultimate goal in life?
To be happy, healthy and content in my social, personal and financial life.

There you have it! So it’s my turn to nominate 5 bloggers for this award:


Congratulations to all these bloggers for getting nominated! Last but not least, here are the 10 questions you need to answer:

1) What place in the world means something to you?

2) If you could change your accent to another, what accent would you change it to?

3) What is your favourite type of car?

4) Who do you look up to in life (your role model)?

5) If you could go to any concert of a band or singer right now, who would you go to see?

6) What is your favourite dessert?

7) How would you describe yourself in three words?

8) What is your biggest goal in life?

9) What is your favourite season and why?

10) What are your biggest phobias?

Finished! Don’t forget nominees, answer the all the questions and nominate five bloggers worthy for this award! Can’t wait to read all of your posts!

Zoe 🙂


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