Afternoon Blog: Shopping, Election Voting and Rainy Day Gloom!

So today I decided to go shopping with my Dad – father and daughter time – before he went to work. It was lovely to actually visit town and have a bit of retail therapy because I’ve been very busy lately with revising for exams and having a weekend job. (#BusyLady)

It was only for a couple of hours. I bought some cards for birthdays, other cards wishing good luck in the exams and anniversary cards. NOTE: Most of these cards are actually due next month… BUT planning ahead doesn’t hurt, right?

Then Dad treated himself and I to a KFC. I had not had one for ages so it made a change. And I’m not the sort to diet. I think a bit of fat is good for you in moderation!

We had to run back to the car like gazelles because of the rain. Typical English weather. Anyone from the UK would agree, I’m sure. Once we got in the car, the rain stopped. Typical yet again.

I also made sure I voted in the UK Election. If you’re in the UK and haven’t voted, get voting now before the polling stations close at 10pm tonight!

And that’s my day so far. In case any of you were interested. If you were not interested, then I hope it amused you even for one millisecond!

Zoe 🙂


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