The nerves are kicking in.

Ahhh! I’m getting slightly nervous about the exam tomorrow morning.

It’s on Romanticism and Nineteenth-Century Literature such as Dickens, Hardy, Shaw and Tennyson (to name a few).

On a two minute revision break. Hopefully I will remember everything that I have revised. I’m not too sure how it’ll go. Whenever you need your brain to work, it often turns to mush so I’m hoping that won’t happen tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “The nerves are kicking in.

  1. weirdly i miss taking exams about english and literature. they excited me with their challenge.

    i used to “go to the bathroom’ and take a walk between my 3rd and 4th paragraphs. to clear my head which got pretty wound up writing so furiously. haha it was nice. everyone was in class, so school was just a quiet maze of long empty hallways.

    anyway! good luck i hope you did well.


    1. Year I was pretty nervous last week. It’s the waiting before the exam that makes me nervous. Once I’m doing the exam, I’m ok! Haha, yeah I don’t write neatly, I write furiously too! Thank you!!


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